Guest studies

Prospective International Guest Students

For students who intend to study at the Department and are not able to participate bilateral exchange programmes, the Department offers English taught non-degree educational entities. The Wood Program and the General Studies Program are tuition fee based non-degree programmes, consisting of master level courses and studios. The programmes are targeted  for interested international advanced level students to apply for. The minimum requirement for both programmes is three years of studies in architecture or in landscape architecture. The acceptance is based on selection of applicants.

The Wood Program

The Wood Program explores the ecological, technical and architectural properties of wood, providing a thorough and all-round view on the whole chain of wood construction, beginning with the tree in the forest and ending up with an experimental wooden building.

The programis a unique and challenging one year tuition fee based program, designed to attract motivated, focused students from around the world to a period of intensive study on wood and the use of wood in a Finnish architectural environment.

The program is intended for architects and students of architecture, with a Bachelor’s degree or at least three years of studies in architecture or related fields. The language of instruction is English.

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The General Studies Program

The General Studies Program (GSP) is a one term or one year architecture program. The aim is to promote the art of architecture, the sensibility to environmental and social  issues and to encourage individual artistic maturity and professional skills. An important aspect is to offer a general view on Finnish architecture and the built environment.

The General Studies Program is a program including selected English taught courses from the department curriculum. In addition, it offers various excursions and special events.

The prerequisite for studies is a Bachelor of Architecture degree or at least three years of architectural studies. The language of Instruction is English.

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