Studies in the Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture at Aalto University is the only department in Finland where it is possible to study both architecture and landscape architecture.

Basic studies are mandatory for all new degree students and their objective is to give students of architecture and landscape architecture the necessary elementary knowledge. 

Architecture and landscape architecture students study three years for the bachelor degree. The master degree requires two more years of full-time studies. Architectural studies take, all in all, at least five years.

Lectures and design study modules form the core of education. Lectures create the theoretical base for the studies. The main objective is to give a general view on the subject matter of the study module and to deal with current topics within teaching. Design study modules comprise the major part of education. Design problems are solved through exercises - at the same time they create abilities to deal with demanding vocational routines, and organized working procedures.During the seminar period students prepare presentations that later are discussed.

Art studies are an important part of the basic studies. Apart from drawing-painting and sculpture facilities students have at their disposal versatile wood- and metal workshops where it is possible to build e.g. three-dimensional models. It is important for students to find relevant information during the whole study period. The library at the Department of Architecture has a broad variety of architectural journals and literature. In addition, students have access to well-equipped computer rooms.

By practicing in a working environment students get acquainted with the building site and with the physical and social environment of the area. Vocational training gives students an opportunity to get to know an architect’s or landscape architect’s real work and also to apply this knowledge to hands-on assignments.

Excursions are organized throughout the year and the objective is to give students an opportunity to get acquainted with the objectives related to the study period.

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture

The programmes and major subjects at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture provide high quality teaching in a diverse and student-centred manner. Our school began implementing a reform of bachelor's and master's degrees in September 2014.

The new degree structures offer students the opportunity for more in-depth studies in their own major or a field of their master's programme, or to utilise Aalto University's multidisciplinary course offering in minor subjects and elective studies. Our school offers a wide variety of minors, many of which are carried out in cooperation with other Aalto University schools. Students can also apply for minor studies at other Finnish universities through JOO studies, or complete part of their studies during an international exchange.

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