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The Department of Architecture is the oldest of the three schools of architecture in Finland. The Department has degree programmes both in Architecture and in Landscape Architecture. It is the only school in Finland offering university level studies in Landscape Architecture.

There are around 700 bachelor, master and doctoral level students, of theses 460 students study architecture and 150 study landscape architecture as their degree program. About 80 students continue with doctoral level studies within these fields. Each year around 70 international students study as guest or exchange students at the Department.

Bachelor degree programmes in architecture and landscape architecture are  taught in Finnish only, programs are not available in English. However, on master level teaching is both in English and Finnish and the Department has various options for international master level students.

During decades a distinguishing quality in Finnish architectural education has been a strong bond to the practical design work in architectural offices, as well among students as among the teaching staff. The Department of Architecture has an excellent international reputation stemming from the Finnish regional architectural culture. For us, architecture is an art, requiring learning of professional practice, personal artistic development and technical knowledge of building.

The teaching staff at the Department of Architecture consists of leading practitioners who have an active career in design projects, architectural competitions and exhibitions. Many design works have been largely published also internationally. Students and recently graduated have lately succeeded in national and international design competitions and students often participate in joint productions and exhibitions organized by the Department of Architecture and other art academies.

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